Ginfusion has launched a product designed to tap into the growth of craft gins and drinks-related gifts.

The Ginfusion pack (rsp: £19.99) contains 20 pouches of whole spices and other botanicals that are designed to add flavour, colour and aromas to each gin and tonic. Each tin includes a more detailed description of the ingredients as well as suggested gin pairings to accompany each flavour.

Co-founder, Rosie Niblock, said: “Ginfusion is priced at the perfect gift point, not much more than half the cost of most bottles of craft gin today and it provides a different option to take to a dinner party instead of a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine. It is a novel gift choice for gin lovers or a fun and interesting way to enjoy gin at home.”

Ginfusion will be holding tasting events across the UK and it will also be launching new flavours, as well as a refill pack later this year. The company is also planning to launch its own gin in 2018.

The gift packs are available now from the company’s website and via select independent retailers.