Quintessential Brands has created a small-batch gin that pays homage to the 18th century gin pioneer Thomas Dakin.

Dakin began producing gin in 1761 in a bid to move the category away from the “mother’s ruin” that plagued cities and into a new age of quality gin, using better stills and improved distilling technology as the industrial revolution gripped Britain.

His firm in Warrington went on to become G&J Distilleries, which produces well-known gins such as Greenall’s, while Dakin also created the recipe for Bombay Sapphire.

The new Thomas Dakin gin was created by master distiller Joanne Moore and is distilled in a baby pot still, using a secret recipe of 11 botanicals including juniper, orange peel and English coriander.

David Hume, of Thomas Dakin Distillers, which is owned by Quintessential, said: “We are launching a great tasting classic style gin with a twist and taking inspiration from Thomas Dakin, a young entrepreneur from 18th century northern England whose inventive and enlightened outlook paved the way for gin as we know it today.

“We are delighted to be launching in Manchester as this is where we will build a new distillery to distil Thomas Dakin Gin. Watch this space for details on our exciting plans.”

Moore added: “We have created a delicious small batch gin which is juniper-led, with sweet orange and citrus notes on the palate and a smooth, savoury finish thanks to the cubebs and red cole.”

Thomas Dakin Gin comes in a square gunmetal grey bottle featuring embossing on the glass and on a red label that, in line with 18th century packaging, includes detailed text on Thomas Dakin and the gin inside the bottle.

While currently distilled by G&J Distillers in Warrington, Cheshire, close to where Thomas Dakin distilled his original gin, Thomas Dakin gin will be distilled in Manchester when the a distillery is built

The gin has already gained listings at Harvey Nichols and Booths, with an rrp of £29.