Gin Lane 1751 has announced ambitious plans to double volume sales through 2018, following a surge in sales last year driven by the popularity of its pink gin variant.

The Victoria Pink variant, which is now the best-selling pink gin in Selfridges and Aldi, according to the producer, is small-batch produced with a price tag of £20 to £25.

Global sales for all four Gin Lane 1751 variants reached 25,000 cases last year, and volumes are predicted to top 50,000 cases in 2018.

The Gin Lane 1751 recipe was created by Charles Maxwell of Thomas Distillers and The Bloomsbury Club.

Carl Stephenson of The Bloomsbury Club said: “Gin Lane 1751 and the creation of ‘Victoria’ Pink as well as ‘Old Tom’ give context to the evolution of gin and the styles enjoyed at its zenith, in the Victorian era. This is really resonating with our global audience who want to experience an artisan gin, without the £40 price tag.”

The full range is distributed by Mangrove.