Gin has recorded another bumper quarter as sales continue to soar, according to the Wine and Spirit trade Association’s latest market report.

The data shows that Brits bought more than 47 million bottles of gin over the past 12 months, which is seven million more than the same period a year ago.

The new figures coincide with a YouGov poll, which highlights gin as the most popular spirit with 29% of drinkers voting it as their favourite spirit tipple.

Gin has moved up from third place compared to last year’s poll. The second most popular spirit for 2017 is whiskies (25%) and then vodka (23%).

Gin sales in the UK have doubled in value in the last six years, with consumers buying £630 million worth of gin in 2011 compared with more than £1.2 billion in the 12 months (to September 2017).

The majority of gin is sold via the off-trade where sales were up 26% in volume and 34% in value compared to the same period last year. The amount of bottles sold through shops in the year to September 2017 totalled 38.7 million.

Miles Beale, chief executive of the WSTA, said: “The latest WSTA market report is showing yet another sparkling result for gin sales in the UK. The British public show no signs of growing tired of trying new gins with well over 100 brands now available on the UK market. It comes as no surprise that gin ahs climbed to the top of a poll of most popular spirit drinks.

“Gin is a very versatile spirit which works well in cocktails as well as in a traditional G&T serve. Although gin is predominantly juniper based our innovative gin distillers are no offering a range of gins infused with locally sourced botanicals, including seaweed, rhubarb and even Christmas gins with frankincense and myrrh. Gin’s versatility has proved it is attractive to consumers who have increasingly sophisticated palettes. In the past people were less concerned about where a gin came from or what botanicals it used; now, consumers are not more interested in gin’s back story.”