The Conservatives are the wine trade’s best bet in the general election, an OLN poll of suppliers has found.

Sixty-four percent voted Tory in our survey, followed by 17% for a Conservative/Lib Dem coalition and 8% for Labour.

Suppliers felt that the Conservatives, or a continuation of the ruling coalition, would help stabilise the economy.

One said he would vote Tory “purely to give economic stability and continue the recovery, which will provide jobs and give people the ability and confidence to spend money on wine”.

Martin Chapman, director of Peter Osborne Fine Wines, said: “I can’t see that election results affect overall sales. Perhaps if the Conservatives were to win, it might create a feeling of stability, any other result might cause alarm at which times people don’t spend.”

Six percent said a Conservative/UKIP coaltion would work best for the trade. Three percent each voted for the Liberal Democrats and a Labour/Lib Dem coalition.

But 31% of suppliers didn’t pick a party, saying they were unsure or had “not a clue” who would be best for the trade.

They also commented that it wouldn’t matter, and that they had “no connection” to the election.

“We’re not looking forward to having to defend our values to a whole new set of ministers,” said Joelle Nebbe-Mornod of Alpine Wines.

Doug Wregg, sales & marketing director for Les Caves de Pyrene, said: “It doesn’t matter. Wine is easy to tax, but there needs to be a grown-up discussion about why that tax is being taken.”

De Bortoli business development manager Mark Wilson added: “I’m not sure that any will significantly affect things one way or the other. The current government has finally held duty, so that is a plus.”