Garçon Wines, which pioneered the concept of ‘letterbox-friendly wines’, has reported a 600% rise in demand from its existing business customers through March and April 2020.

Business development manager, Amelia Dales, said: “Through March and April, we’ve seen almost a 600% rise in demand through existing business customers, who in turn have seen massive increases from end consumers, as well as a sharp increase in new enquiries from a wide variety of companies looking to adapt to home delivery for wine or increase their existing offering. Sales are strong and there’s no indication of this slowing down anytime soon.

“The challenging situation that we find ourselves in at the moment due to Covid-19 has led to a huge increase in online purchasing. With the on-trade mostly unable to operate, many are exploring new ways to safely access and enjoy wine at home and Letterbox Wine® is proving to be hugely popular.

“The demand for our unique and relevant solution has, during March and April, been totally unprecedented with some of our business customers and stockists experiencing more than forty-fold growth in sales compared to the same period last year.”

Dales said the key challenge for the company over the lockdown period has been in adapting to this sudden increase in demand, while also maintaining regular contact with remote-working staff to “maintain the same positive vibe, passion and productivity levels”. Recruiting new staff during this time poses an addition challenge.

Garçon Wines recently announced a collaboration with Accolade Wines, which will see the installation of a new bottling line for its flat wine bottles and a number of brands, including Hardys, will move into its sustainable bottle format.

Amelia Dales shares more details about this collaboration project, an update on its wine packaging sold via Amazon, and also what the company has been up to during the lockdown period, in an exclusive interview with DRN, published here.