Garçon Wines, known for its environmentally friendly flat wine bottles, has launched a spin-off packaging business going by the name of Packamama. Using Garçon Wines’ original flat bottle design, Packamama will be responsible for all packaging supply and bottling elements to third parties that were previously handled by Garçon Wines. 

Packamama will now supply to brands across Europe, Australia and the USA as Garçon Wines continues to operate as a separate wine brand owner and wholesaler. As part of the brand’s efforts to recreate traditional packaging, the “climate-friendly” flat wine bottles are made from 100% recycled PET to reduce weight and save energy in both production and distribution. 

CEO and founder of Packamama, Santiago Navarro, said: “Over the last 60-100 years, humans have over consumed, over polluted, and damaged the natural world…When looking at areas to innovate to help safeguard the planet, rethinking packaging from base assumptions can uncover its full potential as a force for good in contributing to circular models and helping slash carbon footprint.”