Garçon Wines has hired ex-Somerfield wine buyer Angela Mount as its UK Supermarket Advisor, to help the company accelerate plans to “maximise space-saving, flat bottle potential” in UK supermarkets.

Mount has worked in the wine industry all her working life. She is a well-known personality within the wine industry, benefiting from a wealth of retail experience, and having been credited with helping revolutionise wine for supermarket shoppers during her tenure at Somerfield.

She hit the national headlines when her then employer insured her taste buds for £10 million. Since leaving Somerfield she has worked as a wine consultant, writer and presenter and she has worked with independents and restaurants.

Mount said: “I am delighted to be working with the innovative team at Garçon Wines. There has never been a more important time for innovation and sustainability. In the current maelstrom of crisis, the dynamics have altered for our industry, as for many others, and consumer shopping habits have changed forever. There is more focus on smaller, local stores, which have far less storage space; tastings, both consumer and press, have become virtual.

“The flat bottle permits not only more storage space on the shelf, and in the store storage area, but also ensures easier and more reliable delivery of samples, minimising breakages, and reducing glass. I will always champion new ideas, which challenge, and bring a new dynamic to our market.”

Santiago Navarro, chief executive and co-founder, said: “If supermarket wine buyers did celebrities, then Angela would undoubtedly be one. Whilst arguably best-known for her £10 million tongue, it is her trio of her little black book of industry contacts, her insatiable desire for great wines to be accessible to all through supermarkets, and her care for the health of our planet, that make her an optimal advisor to our business.

“We look forward to working together with Angela to better understand how our innovation can help support sustainability in the wine aisles of UK supermarkets.”