Cidersmiths has signed an agreement with Cider Supply Co to distribute its French brand, Galipette Cidre, in the UK.

Galipette will be available in Waitrose stores from May 1st as part of the supermarket’s plans to reinvigorate its beer and cider aisles. The brand also has listings in the on-trade.

CSCo managing director, Ilkka Soini, said: “We are excited to announce our entry into the largest cider market in the world. We believe Galipette Cidre will stand out from the crowded marketplace given its unique pure juice offering. As Galipette Cidre is made of 100% fermented apple juice with no added sugar or sweeteners it delivers a hugely relevant functional benefit for today’s conscious consumer. We are confident that cider is ripe for revolution as the real craft ciders are challenging the industrial incumbents by bringing new, exciting and quality news into the market.”

Sarah Hammond, Waitrose’s beer and cider buyer, said: “We are really excited to be the first UK retailer to introduce Galipette Cidre. The two ciders both offer something unique and innovative, and I am looking forward to hearing what our customers think.”

Galipette is a pure French cider made of 100% fermented apple juice. It is produced in Northwest France from hand-picked cider apples that are grown by local farmers. Galipette Brut is made in Brittany and Galipette Biologique in Normandy.