Four Roses Distillery has revealed a series of limited-quantity special bottlings following the culmination of its four-year, £44.4 million expansion project, which has now doubled its production capacity.

The 2019 Limited Edition Small Batch limited bottling follows the 2018 Limited Edition Small Batch, which was named World’s Best Bourbon at the recent World Whiskies Awards.

The 2019 edition marks the first Four Roses limited-quantity bottling to feature a 21-year-old Bourbon from the distillery’s OBSV recipe. The release will also feature a 15-year-old OESK, 15-year-old OESV and 11-year-old OESV.

Master distiller Brent Elliott said: “Our 10 distinct Bourbon recipes provide the ability to handcraft new and interesting expressions and with this year’s limited edition we found some exceptionally well-rested Bourbons in some of our higher aged barrels. Combining the delicate fruit flavours and light spice from our V and K strains resulted in a uniquely nuanced whiskey.”

Four Roses is the only Bourbon distillery that combines two mashbills with five proprietary yeast strains to produce ten distinct Bourbon recipes, each with its own unique characteristics. In the beginning stages of handcrafting a limited edition small batch bottling, Elliott creates countless test batches from hand-selected barrels in an effort to mingle the best offering.

The newcomer has aromas of oak, honey, red raspberry and vanilla. It has flavours of sweet fruits, cinnamon, baking spices and mellow barrel flavours leading to a rich, soft and lasting finish.

Four Roses will distribute around 3,700 hand-numbered bottles of the 2019 Limited Edition Small Batch Bourbon in Europe and the product will be sold in the UK with a recommended retail price of £195.