Small batch distiller and plant expert, Amanda Saurin of AS Apothecary, has launched Fierce Botanics Tonic.

The tonic, which retails at £3.85 for a 25cl bottle, is the result of two years experimenting to create a drink with all the qualities of a classic tonic “but with many more layers of flavour”.

The Apothecary Tonic No.1 is pitched at two markets: those who want a premium mixer for gin, vodka and cocktails and also those who want a “complex adult alternative to alcohol”.

Fierce Botanics is hand-made naturally from plants with no preservatives or flavourings. The team gathers two of the bitters for the tonic from Sussex and Scotland, and for the quinine the company uses a cinchona bark, grown by Saurin’s sister in Equador.

Saurin said: “We are a team of ten women who want to change the face of tonic, to return it to the health-enhacing, delicious drink it can be.

“Apothecary Tonic No. 1 is perfect served as a long drink on its own with ice and a slice of pink grapefruit, but it also compliments both gin and vodka as a classic G&T or V&T. We favour Brighton Gin. Added to a good Sussex white wine or sparkling wine, the delicate rosy hue makes a beautiful and tasty spritzer. We are delighted with the feedback it is receiving.

Fierce Botanics is a sister company to AS Apothecary in Lewes. Although it is new as a drinks company, Amanda Saurin and her team have been distilling and supplying Sugar Kelp Aromatic Water to the Isle of Harris for the last three years to give “an umami pop of the sea” to their gin. They also work closely with Brighton Gin and the newly formed Hong King Gin Company.