The Feckin Drinks Co is rolling out a rebrand of its Irish whiskey, while also introducing a new gin and vodka to the family.

The producer, based in County Down, first launched the Feckin brand in 2005 with the launch of an Irish Whiskey. A lemon-infused gin and a vodka have now joined the range.  

Company spokeswoman, Anne-Marie Watson, said: “The spirits business has become very crowded in recent years. The market is awash with premium craft brands with very clever but extremely serious branding. With Feckin we have sought to create something a little less highbrow and a lot more fun. And with quality Irish spirits in the bottle, it tastes as good as it looks.

“Feckin is a brand with a great sense of humour. It sets out to appeal to anyone who might be tiring of all the highfaluting talk around spirits these days, and gets back to basics with great tasting whiskey, gin and vodka with a splash of wisecrack thrown in for good measure.”

The revamped packaging presents new instalments in the story of Dr Cornelius Doorhinge from the infamous University of Kircubbin, who has set off on a journey of discovery around the globe in search of unbelievably good spirits.