A former executive at Kopparberg has launched a range of liqueurs based around the art of alchemy.

Daryl Moss, the former sales director at Kopparberg, said he wanted to hark back to an era when alchemists infused alcohol with sweet, fruits and spices to create the Fantastic Flavours brand.

The range comes in three flavours – Very Cherry, Pear Drop and the fiery Likörmeister – that all have an abv of 15% and can be drunk neat or with a mixer.

Moss said: “The team behind Fantastical Flavours are alchemy enthusiasts so we wanted to take that passion and create an intensely-flavoured, affordable drink fit for the modern day consumer and that also packs a punch.

“Looking into the history of this old tradition was extremely informative when it came to developing the product and from our research into current trends and consumer demand we found that there is a gap in the market for what we wanted to do.  

“We believe people want a great-tasting, affordable drinks range that offers the consumer delicious flavours without compromising on price – that’s our message to the market.”

He added: “Being involved in the UK launch of Kopparberg, and more recently, Freddies Fruit Lager, has meant that we have a vast amount experience and knowledge when it comes to bringing together premium alcohol and exceptional flavours.

“Therefore we understand that for our product to be as successful, we need to not only promote the product, but to create a lifestyle and experience to support the unique offering. Through design-led branding, an engaging social media campaign and highly targeted sampling at key summer events, we have created a strong lifestyle and image of the brand.

“With our clear brand strategy, combined with a great value proposition and a premium product, Fantastical Flavours is a truly unique offering for the FMCG market. We look forward to seeing the product and brand develop over these next coming months.”