A new report has highlighted new behaviours that are driving interest in alcohol-free drinks.

The report, Free Spirited: Demystifying the audiences of alcohol-free was produced by mindful drinking experts Club Soda and market research company The Mix Global.

According to their findings, consumers are “more conscious than ever” of the impact alcohol has on their overall health and performance, while also being more open to great tasting drinks, rather than being driven by a perceived alcohol problem.

The report, which is designed to help brands position themselves within the category, features seven archetypes, characterising the consumers driving the interest in alcohol-free. The organisations said the profiles, split into ‘established’ and ‘emerging’ audiences, show the diversity within the market, characterising each individual’s motives behind cutting back, and what they want to see in future.

Laura Willoughby, founder of Club Soda said: “Selling alcohol-free can be difficult, increasingly we see that a collaborative approach is what’s needed to keep raising the profile of the category and maintain evolution in the market. This report is one step towards giving brands a framework on which to build their alcohol-free offerings”.

Gemma Mitchell, managing director of The Mix Global added: “We want to challenge the echo chamber that is the drinks market, by differentiating between consumer voices and really listening to those who are buying alcohol-free.”

The report can be downloaded from the Club Soda website.