The East London Liquor Company has released a limited amount of its latest creation, a barrel-aged peated gin.

The 311 bottles of Barrel-Aged Gin is made from its London Dry Gin, aged for 47 weeks in an ex-peated whisky barrel. The result is a 47% abv whisky, which has aromas of fresh rosemary and smoked, caramelised oranges, according to the producer, followed by flavours of a creamy gin with bright citrus notes, and then a pepper flavour from the spices, and finally “an earthy smokiness”.

This is the first Barrel-Aged Gin released for 2018 by the East London Liquor Company and it forms part of its barrel aged gin programme. Throughout the year the distillery will release various iterations of barrel-aged gin, highlighting the range of casks in its maturation room. Previous releases include its London Dry Gin rested in a selection of casks including New French Oak, Ex-Sonoma Rye, Refilled French Oak and Ex-Bourbon.