Drynks Unlimited has invested a further £1 million in technology to “produce the next generation of alcohol-free drinks”.

The UK-based manufacturing, sales and marketing company, which was founded in 2017, focuses entirely on producing alcohol-free drinks.

The latest cash injection is an investment in “the UK’s only state-of-the-art dealcoholisation technology” that uses the cool vacuum distillation process (CVD), which gently removes alcohol from full strength alcohol, while retaining the character and flavour of the original liquid.

Drynks Unlimited will offer a full range of alcohol-free drinks and it is doubling its range of Smashed with the addition of a Smashed Berry and Smashed Citrus in 33cl cans and glass bottles from September this year. The Smashed range uses authentic craft beer and cider which is dealcoholised in the CVD plant to produce a 0% abv drink.

The range also includes Smashed Apple and Smashed Hops, which were launched in October 2018. These two have already secured listings with Selfridges and on-trade outlets.

The company was founded by a team of drinks and leisure industry experts, headed up by ex-Halewood marketing director, Richard Clark.

He said: “The time is right to produce the next generation of premium alcohol-free drinks that offer a truly authentic experience. While there has been an explosion of new NoLo drinks, many are disappointing on taste which may be due to the way they have been produced.

“We are the only UK drinks business to invest in the state-of-the-art cool vacuum dealcoholisation kit that produces a fantastic new taste experience, and we are confident this will add excitement to the category. We’d love consumers and retailers to take the Smashed taste challenge and try our drinks against their current favourite NoLo or soft drink.”