Domaine Gayda has launched a range of limited edition wines labeled ‘En Passant’.

As part of this new range, a red and a white wine will be released every year and these will act as a testing ground for the estate’s winemaker, according to the producer.

The En Passant range will be limited edition wines with an annual bottle count of just 30,000 (20,000 red and 10,000 white).

The collection is designed to champion “the transient nature of each vintage,” according to the producer, which each wine stemming from vineyards, grape varieties, terroirs and winemaking techniques that can change completely from one vintage to the next.

Winemaker, Vincent Chansault, said: “Our range of wines is becoming more structured, epitomizing a style we like and an identity which targets excellence every year. But we didn’t want to blank out the spirit of our early days, our lust for discovery, the desire to explore new avenues, new terroirs and new blends, even if that implied rethinking the way we make wine.”

The first edition of En Passent is the 2014 vintage for the red and 2015 for the white, reflecting two aspirations, as Chansault explained: “In 2014m an opportunity to access some old-vine Grenache noir on the red soils of Opoul in the Pyranees-Orientales, which were threatened with being grubbed up, set us in the right direction for the red.”

The white were made from old-vine Macabeu from high-elevation vineyards planted on granite sand around the village of Saint-Martin (Pyranees-Orientales), which were selected for their freshness.

The choice for the second edition of En Passant was dictated by a desire to produce an indulgent, fruit-forward, crisp red, inevitably leading to a blend of Cinsault and Syrah, the producer explained. 

The winery was established in 2003 in Brugairolles, south-west of Carcassone in the Occitanie region, by three partners from Cape Town in South Africa and the Loire Valley.