Dom Perignon is to launch Dom Perignon P2-2000, three years after its last P2 release, P2-1998.

The Champagne brand’s Chef de Cave, Richard Geoffroy, believes that Dom Perignon matures in cycles and although the average time it takes to create a vintage is nine years, the second ‘plenitude’ is the result of an average of 16 years’ evolution in the cellar, while the third requires no less that 25 years.

Geoffroy also believes the portion of 2000 vintage wine left ageing in the Dom Perignon cellars has now reached its second plenitude, ‘P2’, which he describes as the ‘plenitude of energy’, which is the moment the different elements of the wine resonate together in intensity, vivacity and precision. He describes the new P2 2000 as having “a complexity that is more tactile than plump” and an “understated, distinguished viscosity”.

The new Dom Perignon P2 200 will be available in the UK from July this year, priced at £275 a bottle.