The Dingle Distillery in Ireland has begun an investment drive with the aim of scaling up its production capacity to meet demand. 

The distillery hopes to use the funds to increase production of its gin, vodka and whiskey brands. It also has plans to develop a state-of-the-art visitor centre on the distillery site.

As a result of the current increase in demand the company said it expects to sell 250,000 bottles of its gin this year, up from 100,000 last year.

Co-founder and managing director, Liam LaHart, said: “The only problem we have had is producing enough whiskey, gin and vodka to meet the demand that’s out there. Gin has really take off in the last two years and Irish whiskey is now the fastest selling spirit in the world.”

In 2012, the family-run company opened Ireland’s first purpose built distillery in more than 100 years. The team wanted to bring an artisan craft distillery to the town of Dingle, following the success of their subsidiary brand, The Porterhouse Brewing Company.

LaHart said: “People really like what we stand for, which is quality and honesty. They like the fact that we are an independent, Irish-owned, family-run company distilling all our own spirits in Dingle. We don’t buy our whiskey wholesale and stick a different label on it. The entire process of producing Dingle Whiskey, from distillation to maturation, takes place at The Dingle Distillery. Not many other Irish whiskey brands can say the same. Since we began distilling, we have managed to maintain true to our original values of honesty, independence and our commitment to quality.”

This month the company releases two new limited edition whiskies – Batch No. 2 Single Malt and its first Pot Still Whiskey.

Elliot Hughes, co-founder, said: “These new releases show an incredibly interesting opportunity for us. It is the first time we have been able to showcase multiple whiskies showing different flavours among each of the releases. Every new release of Dingle Whiskey is exciting, but the Pot Still release is particularly momentous. It is an historic occasion for Dingle, the Distillery and Irish whiskey distilling as it makes Dingle Distillery just the second distillery on the island of Ireland to produce Pot Still.”

The newly-installed gin still is expected to go into production early next year, while plans to launch its next release, Batch No.3 Single Malt, is scheduled for March 2018.