Diageo is using cutting edge technology to target consumers with Smirnoff cider ads when the mercury hits 19°C.

The campaign uses real-time weather and temperature data triggers, as well as mobile, social and in-app location data from a firm called Locomizer to determine summer to identify the best time and place to beam out its advertising to Brits.

The posters, created by specialist firm Posterscope, typically feature a standard ad but switch to a “hot execution” as soon as the weather warms up.

The campaign prioritises pedestrianised areas close to stores and bars that stock Smirnoff cider and appears at “optimum times of the day and week for socialising”. 

Sam Salameh, head of Smirnoff at Diageo, said: “By creating a campaign based on strong behavioural data that responds to weather conditions, we are able to reach our target audience at a time and place when we know they will be most responsive to our messaging.”

Marc Bartholomew, business director at Posterscope, added: “The brief was to make Smirnoff cider the alcoholic choice of summer by deploying a disruptive and pioneering campaign that delivers reach, recency and impact.  As warm weather returns across the country, our temperature-activated campaign will be both effective and efficient at meeting this objective.”