Guinness is recalling stocks of its new alcohol-free beer, less than a month after its lunch was first announced.

It said the move was the result of a “microbiological contamination” and described it as “precautionary”.

Consumers are being asked to return cans to where they bought them from to claim a refund or contact Diageo to receive a voucher before disposing of the beer themselves.

The full statement on the recall said: “As a precautionary measure we are recalling Guinness 0.0 in Great Britain because of a microbiological contamination which may make some cans of Guinness 0.0 unsafe to consume.

“The issue is isolated to Guinness 0.0 and does not impact any other Guinness variants or brands.

“If you have bought Guinness 0.0 do not consume it. Instead, return the product to your point of purchase for a full refund.

“Alternatively contact the Diageo Consumer Careline on on 0345 601 4558 with details of you purchase to claim a full refund voucher before disposing of the product. We are sorry that this has happened.”

Guinness 0.0 was launched in Morrisons and Waitrose on October 28 with further distribution being added this year.

On its launch, Diageo said it had “drawn on Guinness’s proud 261-year history of innovation and brewing brilliance”.

The launch received widespread media attention with some coverage heralding it as a significant step in the maturing of the alcohol-free drinks category in the UK.