Deliveroo and Gorillas have introduced new frontline training to support their delivery drivers in helping to prevent underage drinking and delivery of alcohol to those who are intoxicated. 

Launched by the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking (IARD), the training has been adopted by the two food and drink delivery services to provide workers with tools such as “communication techniques for handling tricky situations”.

The training will also help delivery drivers navigate situations such as when valid ID cannot be produced when age is in question, and when those of legal age appear to be purchasing alcohol for minors. It also supports the implementation of IARD’s global standards for online alcohol sales and delivery. 

Henry Ashworth, IARD President and CEO, said training tools are “crucial” in ensuring that “delivery drivers are confident and comfortable when handing over alcohol”. 

Paul Bedford, Deliveroo’s global director of policy and public affairs, added: “We take our responsibilities to customers very seriously – so we are pleased to join IARD’s global standards coalition, building on our efforts to ensure the responsible sale and delivery of alcohol to Deliveroo customers.”