Australian winemaker De Bortoli is to launch a new wine range into the UK in January aimed at the impulse market, the multiples and specialist wine merchants.

The Palette Series is a range of single-varietal wines from cool climate vineyards that has been created in response to growing consumer demand for wines with provenance.

At launch it will comprise a the Fresh Reign Pinot Grigio 2014 from the King Valley; the Gumboot Fruit Shiraz 2014 from Heathcote; and the Topsy-Turvy Chardonnay 2013 and Over Yonder Pinot Noir 2015, both of which are from the Yarra Valley.

The range is packaged with contemporary, consumer-friendly designs which incorporate numerous regional and local references on the label.

The Topsy Turvy Chardonnay is so named, for instance, because the Yarra River is known locally as the river that flows upside down because of its muddy colour.

Winemaker Steve Webber said: “Like food, consumers are increasingly inquisitive about where their wine comes from. Australia’s climates are so diverse that it is important that people link variety and wine style with a region or place.

“This is what we are trying to do with both of these ranges. Pure and detailed expressions of Chardonnay and Pinot from the Yarra Valley, plump and richly textured Shiraz from Heathcote, gently aromatic Pinot Grigio from the King Valley.”

Kim Wilson, commercial director at De Bortoli distributor, North South Wines, said: “The timing is perfect for the UK market, where it is calling out for a brand to lead the charge on awareness of Australian regionality.”

De Bortoli is also launching a second range of wines in January, the Regional Reserve series, which is aimed at independent and regional wholesalers.

Like the Palette series, it will retail at £9.99.