London-based retailer Daygustation Wines has introduced 10cl ‘taste tubes’ to its offering in a move to cater to consumers who want to moderate their drinking. 

Thought to be the first drinks retailer in the UK to offer this format, the tubes provide a single serve of wine which equates to 1 unit of alcohol.

Daygustation added the tubes to its range after purchasing a Revined machine from Tubes, a company that specialises in providing wine and spirits in tubes. The machine allows the retailer to transfer standard 75 cl bottles of wine into seven 10 cl tubes, preserving the wine with food-safe nitrogen gas. The tubes also feature QR codes providing details about the wine and food pairing recommendations.

The store will now offer all still wines in tubes with prices ranging from £5 to £30. Daygustation’s online platform will also be offering five-pack selection boxes of the tubes for £29.95. 

Daygustation owner Matt Day said the retailer is looking to offer consumers a way to drink more mindfully: “Drinking a whole bottle just doesn’t fit with the healthy lifestyles of many people these days, yet until now very few decent wines have been available in a small format. Taste Tubes are the ideal way to drink less, but better quality and also experiment with new wines or try more expensive wines at a fraction of the cost of a full bottle.”

Day also outlined plans to launch a new wine subscription platform,, in the coming months.