Dalston’s Soda Company is kicking off 2019 with the launch of four new variants, to coincide with Dry January.

The newcomers include two new fruity flavours: Fizzy Rhubarb and Fizzy Blackcurrant, which will join their core range of sodas.

Dalston’s is also introducing a new range of Soda Lights: Real Squeezed Elderflower and Real Squeezed Rhubarb, which are made with no added sugar or sweeteners and contain 20 calories per can. The Lights are made from just fruit, distilled botanicals and sparkling spring water.

Over the last year Dalston’s said it has sold more than two million cans of its Classic Sodas. The drinks are stocked in 2,500 shops in the UK.

Founder, Duncan O’Brien, said: “Millennials are losing their taste for sugar, and placing even more emphasis on health. That’s why we chose to develop our new range of Lights – which we will be adding to, over the next few years. Competitors cram their ‘diet’ drinks with sweeteners or artificial flavourings, which is not good for you. It was time for us to step up and show what naturally light, refreshing fruity sodas should really taste like.”

Dalston’s was first set up by a group of friends in East London in 2012. The new drinks will join the existing range, which currently comprises: Lemonade, Ginger Beer, Cherryade, Orangeade and Fizzy Elderflower.