CWF has introduced two new season Novello wines.

Novello wines describe wines form the new vintage, which have historically been long-awaited with excitement through Europe. The wines tend to be fresh, fruity and lively in comparison to older wines from the previous year.

The Yorkshire-based wine importer and alcoholic drinks manufacturer has unveiled Novello produced by Casa Vinicola E Antonutti; Antonutti Vini is a family winery situated in the Friuli Grave region of Northern Italy, and it makes a wide range of varietal wines.

The wine has a bright purplish red colour, and it has hints of mixed berries, strawberry, raspberry and cherry.

CWF is also introducing a Novello produced by Velenosi; a family winery on the Adriatic coast, owned by Angela Velenosi.

Its Novello has a bright red ruby colour with a fragrance of berries, strawberry, raspberry and grapes.

Nick Tatham MW, Wine Development Manager at CWF commented, “Novello wines are now made in all regions of Italy and are awaited each year with great excitement. Novello wines are a great way to “ kick off “ the pre-Christmas period with special dinners and menus to accompany them and we are delighted to be able to offer our customers two excellent wines.”