Romanian winery Cramele Recas has developed a new wine bottle made entirely from recycled plastic recovered from the Danube river.

The bottle is ready to roll out to the UK and the first launch is a Cabernet Sauvignon under the Richtig Lecker brand name.  

According to Cramele Recas, the Danube currently transports “approximately 1,500 tonnes of PET plastic into the Black Sea every year”.

Cramele Recas said it has faced resistance from wine buyers worried about their customers reaction to buying wine packaged in plastic bottles. Co-owner Philip Cox called on retailers to update their ranges with rPET packaged wines, to help reduce the industry’s CO2 emissions from the production and transportation of glass bottles.

“The wine industry has faced significant challenges in recent years caused by climate change,” said Cox. “As an industry, we really need to reduce CO2 emissions by finding alternatives to glass, which is the most significant cause of CO2 emissions in wine production and is what is messing up the weather, which is, in turn, messing up grape growing which is a major danger to our industry.”