The Big Drop Brewing Co has kicked off its plans to create a portfolio of low alcohol beers with the launch of a Chocolate Milk Stout.

The Bermondsey-based brewery, which claims to be the first in the UK dedicated exclusively to making beers under 0.5% abv, is bringing out its Big Drop Chocolate Milk Stout, which is a full flavoured beer with classic coffee and chocolate notes, and a hint of vanilla.

The brewery’s founder, Rob Fink, discovered during a period of abstinence in 2015, a lack of choice in the alcohol free and low alcohol beer categories, particularly when it came to dark beers. Further research led to the creation of a craft brewery dedicated to filling this gap in the market.

To create a 0.0% abv beer can be detrimental to the flavour and character of the beer, he explained, and therefore the team decided to focus on beers at 0.5% abv of lower.

He said: “We are really proud to have crafted a delicious, authentic tasting Chocolate Milk Stout at just 0.5% abv. It is clear that there is increasing demand for a better choice of low and no alcohol beers and as someone who previously struggled to find an enjoyable low alcohol beer I am happy to be able to bring something new to the market, which is also made in London.”

The Stout is available in 33cl bottles priced at £2.49.