Running from Oct 21-27, it will encompass a range of activities designed to raise awareness of responsible drinking including road shows in shopping centres, outdoor poster ads and coverage in national and local press.

Alcohol Awareness Week is a joint initiative between the Scottish government, drinks producers, health professionals and the voluntary sector. The central aim of the campaign is to increase consumers’ understanding of what constitutes one unit of alcohol in order to help them make informed decisions about what they drink. It will run with the strapline: Does your drinking add up?

Scotland’s public health minister Shona Robinson said: “We know that most Scots drink responsibly but also that alcohol related health harm is on the increase. It can be difficult to know how much you are drinking when drinks can vary so much in size and strength.”

The Wine & Spirit Trade Association, which is a partner of the event, is encouraging Scottish drinks retailers to take part. Chief executive Jeremy Beadles said: “We believe strongly that the problems associated with alcohol misuse are best tackled through partnership working. Across all sectors of our industry – producers and on and off-trade retailers – we are committed to making this week a strong success in terms of offering further information to our customers about sensible drinking guidelines and the responsible use of our products.”

Diageo’s two responsible drinking TV ads – Many Me and Mirror – will screen in Scotland during the week.

At retailers can download a tool kit that includes POS material, shelf wobblers, in-store sampling ideas that focus on unit awareness and a unit calculator wheel.