I Heart supplier Copestick Murray has purchased a 40% share in Slurp, which has an online retail site and two bricks and mortar stores.

Slurp was originally acquired by SH Jones in 2013 and is now jointly owned by Copestick Murray, Richard Jones, Hugh Taylor and James Keef.

Robin Copestick, managing director at Copestick Murray and now a board member at Slurp, said: “It is very much part of the Copestick Murray strategy to become much more involved in online retailing and our plan is for Copestick Murray to become one of the most diverse and successful wine companies in the UK and ROI.

“When we heard that Slurp were looking for investment it was very clear that this was an excellent opportunity for us to play a significant part in their future. I am excited to start working with Hugh and Richard and help them realise their own ambitious plans for Slurp.”

The Slurp site sells 900 wines, ranging from £6 to £300, and also offers beer, cider and spirits.

Taylor, the managing director, added: “We had gone through the first stage of our 5 year plan – launching a new website and merging hawksheadwines.co.uk as well as re-branding the two SH Jones shops under the Slurp umbrella. We were then looking for capital injection to help us scale the business and establish Slurp as a major premium online UK wine retailer.

“When we discovered that Copestick Murray were looking to enter the UK digital arena it made a lot of sense to for us to have an industry partner and particularly one as innovative and successful as Copestick Murray. With the funding now in place we are really looking to implementing our long term strategy for Slurp.”