An overwhelming majority of complaints considered by the independent complaints panel in 2022 were related to alcohol marketing and its potential appeal to under-18s according to a new report from the Portman Group.

85% of complaints were reportedly linked to whether alcohol marketing or packaging was considered to appeal to under-18s, the report found. Complaints were filed against images featuring people who were, or who appeared to be, under 25, as well as packaging that was thought to appeal to under-18s. 

However, 76% of these complaints were not upheld, with the Portman Group noting a “strong alignment” between the majority of producers and the code of practice. 

Additionally, the report found that drinks producers were more likely to seek guidance from the Portman Group’s advisory service on particular appeal to under-18s compared to any other topic. 

Matt Lambert, CEO the Portman Group, said: “It is positive to see producers continuing to take advantage of our Advisory Service to ensure that their products comply with the Portman Group’s Codes of Practice, and we encourage others to do so to help eliminate underage drinking.”