Concha y Toro UK is sponsoring this week’s virtual Future of Wine Forum.  

The event, which was first held last year in London, will take place virtually on November 26 and 27.

The sustainability-focused conference will examine the major issues facing the wine value chain, with in-depth focus on sustainable viticulture, distribution, logistics, circular approaches, consumers and transparency.

It will feature contributions from more than 50 leading figures from the world of wine, including Cono Sur Chief Winemaker Matías Rios.

Simon Doyle, General Manager of Concha y Toro UK, said: “At Concha y Toro UK we’re working alongside our colleagues in Chile, Argentina and California to understand and fully address the challenges of building a truly sustainable wine business, not just for now but for many years to come. Events such as the Future of Wine Forum help shine light on some of the key focus areas that we need to address to be truly sustainable as a business.”

The Forum’s co-founder Tobias Webb said: “We’d like to thank Concha y Toro UK and our other sponsors for their support. As this is a free, inclusive event for the industry during tough times, their support has been the key to making this online event happen. Our 700 attendees will also appreciate how this partnership enables us to discuss the complex yet vital issues of sustainability in wine on Thursday and Friday this week.”

The virtual event is free to attend, and those interested can register here.