The Portman Group’s Independent Complaints Panel has not upheld a complaint about two craft beers produced by UK brewers.

A member of the public expressed concern that the beers – Camden Town Brewery’s Show Off Lager and Beavertown Brewery’s Bloody Ell – could appeal to under 18s because they looked like cans of fizzy, energy drinks.

Reviewing the Camden Town Brewery product in detail, the Panel decided the product communicated its alcohol nature “with absolute clarity” because of the clear display of the word lager, which was presented on a white background on the front of the packaging. Its alcoholic strength was also clearly visible on the can. It also concluded that “the overall impression conveyed by the product with the name ‘Show Off’ was being used to demonstrate that the drink was showing off the qualities of the beer rather than creating a link to bravado”.

A spokesperson for the brewer said: “At Camden, we are committed to labeling and marketing our beers in a socially responsible way. We are here to promote a culture of fresh drinking and fresh, progressive thinking, across everything we do, so following the guidance of The Portman Group we are pleased to hear that the Panel has confirmed that our Show Off Juicy Lager aligns to these guidelines.”

Reviewing the Beavertown product the Panel said the label included the letters IPA and the word Brewery, as well as several other indicators of the product’s alcoholic nature.

It also concluded: “The can’s design is not similar to an energy drink”.