Cointreau has launched a redesigned version of its liqueur bottles, which are now made from “two-thirds recycled glass”. 

Describing the brand refresh as the “most momentous of its kind in 140 years”, both the bottle and the label have been altered. 

As well as looking to boost its sustainability credentials by using recycled glass, convenience and practicality was also a consideration when redesigning the bottle. The bottle has been made “four millimetres taller to facilitate its grip” and make it “easier to hold”. Similarly, the newly textured cap “provides better grip for an easier twist-off” while simulating the skin of an orange. 

However, the bottle still displays traditional design features such as the Cointreau medallion. 

Fanny Chtromberg, international director at Cointreau, said the redesign aimed to “modernise” the bottle while still preserving its historical appeal.