Cobra Beer is setting off on a worldwide road trip to demonstrate how the beer is “the perfect partner for all food”.

The Cobra Food Truck will travel the world, supported by a new advertising campaign in cinema and online. The Truck will visit a diverse range of restaurants and meet world-renowned chefs, who will feature in the new ads.

The first leg has already taken place in New York, and the resulting adverts show Cobra teaming up with British model Jack Guinness and New York chef Camille Becerra. The duo travel the city, with Becerra introducing Guinness to some of her favourite food spots, to try out how well Cobra goes with a wide array of food.

Rob Hollis, head of world beers portfolio at Molson Coors, said: “New York City is well-known for its exciting food scene in districts as diverse as Little Italy and China Town, to Harlem and the Lower East Side. It is a city where chefs aren’t afraid to be bold and push boundaries so we felt it was a great location for the Cobra Food Truck’s first stop on its world tour. The reaction so far has been brilliant, we are looking forward to UK drinkers seeing the ads and being inspired to try Cobra with a range of different cuisines.”

Lord Bilimoria, founder of Cobra Beer, said: “I am delighted with this campaign as it brings to life one of the main reasons I created Cobra Beer, as a beer that would be ideal to accompany all food from around the world.”