Churchill’s has lined up new packaging and branding for its port and wine brands, as it looks to attract new consumers. 

The Port reboot will see a new minimalist packaging design to represent the brand’s “minimal intervention winemaking philosophy”, and it’s range of Douro wines will be renamed as Grafite, with a hand-drawn label. 

The new packaging also has an emphasis on sustainability, with FSC-certified paper labels made from 15% grape waste and recyclable capsules. The company is shifting to lightweight bottles for its Douro wines, representing a 12% reduction in bottle weight across the range, which makes up half of Churchill’s total annual volume. 

Zoe Graham, daughter of Churchill’s founder and winemaker Johnny Graham, hopes the new image will “re-introduce port to a new generation of drinkers”. She said: “We were looking for a visual identity and aesthetic for our ports and Douro wines that thought outside the box in terms of the usual category conventions.”