AB InBev’s UK arm, Budweiser Brewing Group, has announced the introduction of popular Ukrainian beer Chernigivske into UK retailers, with profits going to humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine. 

In light of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the Chernigivske brewery closed its doors in February. However, it has resumed production in three breweries across Europe, with plans to open additional locations. 

AB InBev has guaranteed at least $5 million from the donation scheme. Funds will be distributed across designated NGOs including Caritas International. 

Co-op was the first retailer to add Chernigivske to its portfolio, stocking the beer from the end of April to supplement its fundraising for the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. Aldi has now followed in its footsteps, putting Chernigivske in its stores from May 1 onwards. 

Simon Cairns, head of beer, wines and spirits at Co-op said: “We’re delighted to be able to sell Chernigivske in our stores and continue our efforts to support the people of Ukraine. By purchasing this product, our customers and members will be directly contributing to humanitarian relief efforts.”  

Anna Rudenko, marketing director, Chernigivske Ukraine, added: “Chernigivske has been enjoyed by generations of Ukrainians. I am proud that we can launch Chernigivske in the UK to support humanitarian relief.”