Bedford brewer Charles Wells has used Galaxy, Simcoe, and Goldings hops to make a new beer called Charlie Wells Triple Hopped IPA.

The beer is being launched today at the Craft Beer Rising event in London’s Shoreditch and has already secured a listing in Asda stores from April.

It follows on from last year’s launch of Charlie Wells Dry Hopped Lager, which reimagines the brewery’s founder as a modern-day character.

Charles Wells joined the Merchant Navy at 14, sailing around the world for 20 years, before settling down in Bedford, and purchasing a brewery and 36 pubs in 1876.

The bearded, modern Charlie is adorned with several tattoos that represent key aspects of Charles Wells’ 140 years of brewing heritage.

Master brewer Chris Reid said: “I wanted to go back to the history books to deliver a really authentic beer, so spent a lot of time researching brewing archives, looking for traditional malt and hop recipes and working out how best to evolve them for modern tastes.

“Working with our hops suppliers I arrived at a blend of Galaxy, Simcoe, and Goldings hops, alongside various lighter malts, to create a traditionally bitter and hoppy IPA with a soft, modern tropical flavour.  

“But apart from its characteristic taste there are a couple of other things that I really love about this beer. The first is that the colour absolutely draws you in. It’s so sparklingly clear and is a beautiful light copper colour with gentle effervescence that the IPA is a seriously tempting pint.  

“Secondly the beer is very drinkable. This sounds obvious but a lot of beers are so hoppy that the appeal doesn’t last beyond the first half pint or so. Charlie Wells Triple Hopped IPA is brewed with heaps of hops but its minerality ensures that you’re not over-powered by the hops.  This comes from the natural mineral water from the artesian well sunk by Charlie Wells himself, which we have Burtonised for this IPA recipe.”

The beer is available is 50cl bottles for the off-trade.