The Champagne Bureau has admitted it needs to start educating consumers on why Champagne is more expensive than rival sparkling wines and will start by releasing a series of educational online videos.

The bureau said volume sales of Champagne grew 6.1% in the UK in 2014, but it has been overshadowed by soaring growth of rival sparkling wines like Prosecco in recent years.

Producers have called for a marketing strategy to explain to UK consumers why they should pay more for Champagne than other sparkling wines, and the bureau now plans to produce a series of 10 online videos, each lasting 15 minutes, under the name Tere de Champagne.

Communications director Thibault le Mailloux told OLN: “We are taking on the challenge of communicating more to UK consumers.

“The primary goal is to make consumers interested in Champagne and know the difference between Champagne and other sparkling wines.

“It will take Champagne one step at a time, explaining the history, the soil, the appellation.

“These videos are just the beginning. We used to only speak to the trade. But thanks to the internet we aim to build up an encyclopaedia for consumers.”

Le Mailloux said social media, newsletters and direct communications will try to drive traffic to the Youtube channel showing the videos.