The Cava Regulatory Council has announced record sales in 2023, with 16.8 million bottles sold in the UK alone.

While Germany, the US and Belgium were the top three export markets for Cava in 2023, the Cava market in the UK grew by 5.38% compared to the previous year. 

Brazil experienced the greatest uplift in Cava sales (+75.82%) as the category gained traction, however only 1.9 million bottles were sold in the country as it remains a relatively new market for Cava. 

Overall, 252 million bottles of Cava were sold globally, marking a 1.09% increase from 2022 and a new record for Cava sales. Sales growth in the domestic market was even larger at 4.02%.

Organic Cava in particular saw strong success compared to conventionally grown products, growing by 24.59%. Rosé Cava also saw a slight uptick in sales of 3.31%.

President of the DO Cava Regulatory Council, Javier Pagés (pictured), praised the resilience of the Cava industry “despite the economic and geopolitical turbulence” the trade is facing. 

Pagés also noted a trend towards more premium Cava: “The increase in quality sparkling wines in Spain reflects the fact that the appreciation of consumers is constantly growing, and they are looking for higher quality Cava.”