The president of DO Cava has said the region will host a global summit next Autumn, as it looks to educate the trade and consumers on new classifications, as well as the performance of the category.

Javier Pagés (pictured) said the event will centre around the Cava de Guarda Superior classifications.

Although the occasion is yet to be named, Pagés said the global event will take place in Catalunya, “at the core of the Cava region”, in October. It is expected to feature experts as well as insights into the future of the sparkling wine category.

“We’ll focus on Guarda Superior as that will be what’s most interesting for the experts to talk about – and it will be educational. But it will also be an opportunity to talk about the global sparkling wine business – and specifically about the performance of Cava.”

2021 saw the implementation of the first phase of Pagés’ Strategic Plan for the segmentation and zoning of Cava. This, in turn, set in motion a plan to reinforce the control measures of the Cava DO and the information and traceability system. This year saw the launch of the first quality seals under these new regulations, showing the geographical origin, including zones and sub-zones, and product segment.

The quality seal includes coloured labels to help consumers identify a Cava de Guarda, with more than nine months of ageing in the bottle; or a Cava de Guarda Superior, with long ageing and originating from specific vineyards specialised in producing sparkling wine, with reduced yields, and organic (100% from 2025).

The three seals are: Green for Cava de Guarda; Silver for Cava de Guarda Superior – Reserva (minimum 18 months of bottle ageing); and Gold for Cava De Guarda Superior – Gran Reserva (minimum 30 months of bottle ageing).

Pagés said the work on zoning and quality seals “will result in consumers knowing what wines they are buying from the different zones – they can compare them. For other consumers, it will be just basically good to know.

“We are giving the wineries more stories and more ways to explain about their wines,” he added.  

The UK is one of four markets in which the region will invest over the next year, with activity planned with retailers.

2021 Cava exports to the UK were down 3.9%, however overall exports for the 12-month period grew 11.34% to become 71% of total sales.