The regulatory organisation for DO Cava has launched its latest campaign following a 17.33% increase in global sales between 2020 and 2021. The UK was the fourth largest international export market for Cava in the period.

The campaign will see activity across digital platforms, retailer promotions and trade education to help raise awareness about the sparkling wine.

As part of its plans to boost UK growth, DO Cava will be offering tastings at the Taste of London food festival later this month. A Discover Cava masterclass will then run in July at WSET London, while the DO will offer training and tastings to trade groups and sommelier associations in the UK.

President of the DO Cava regulatory council, Javier Pagés, said it is an “exciting time” for the organisation, adding: “Not only are sales growing, we are also really communicating the quality available among bottles of this famous sparkling wine. UK consumers clearly enjoy Cava, but now is the time to educate them”.