Casella Family Brands Europe (CFBE) is launching new wines to tap into booming sales in the UK’s off-trade channels.

The company is adding to its Yellow Tail brand with a sparkling variant called Bubbles Rose. The newcomer has listings already with Tesco and Sainsbury.  

It is also introducing the Magic Box Wine Collection with two wines: Spectacular Shiraz and Amazing Cabernet, which are described as “vibrant, fresh and flavoursome” red wines priced within the rapidly expanding £7 to £10 “popular premium” segment. These will be rolled out in Tesco stores this month.

And it is also launching Peter Lehmann Wines Portrait Shiraz to bring an “iconic premium” Australian brand to the growing over £10 segment in selected Tesco stores.

Wine has grown by more than 11% in the total alcohol market in the past year, according to Nielsen (MAT to August 08, 2020) and this has accelerated to 26% in the last 12 weeks. Off-premise wine sales are booming with people now increasingly opting to eat and drink at home.

Casella said the UK is now the second largest market for Yellow Tail wine, with growth of 37% (MAT Aug 2020 vs 2019). The average price per bottle has risen from £6.36 to £6.51, against a category average of £6.11.

The introduction of Bubbles Rosé (rsp: £10) is supported by social media, in-store point of sale, and targeted online advertising.

Being mindful of sustainability practices in packaging, Bubbles Rosé has recently been repacked in a new glass bottle weighing 160g less, helping to reduce the brand’s carbon footprint. The plastic closure has also been replaced with cork.

The Magic Box Wine Collection (rsp: £9 per bottle) is a new range of wines, first launched in Australia in 2018, where it continues to see off-trade and distribution growth. Working in partnership with Tesco, the CFBE team said it is excited to launch this range of premium wines in the UK.

Following a successful trial in Tesco stores in Northern Ireland, two red wines from the range (Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz) are available in selected large Tesco stores across the UK (from August 2020).

The 2018 Peter Lehmann Portrait Shiraz (rsp: £15) taps into the £10+ segment, which is growing by 31% in value.

Simon Lawson, general manager Casella Family Brands Europe, said: “The UK is an extremely important market for Casella Family Brands. We’re proud to introduce an exciting range of new wine brands and varietals to the UK market at a time when consumers are enjoying wine at home more frequently. This demonstrates our commitment to bringing new product development into the market through retailers with whom we have established and proactive relationships and with whom we share the same objectives; to deliver a vibrant and profitable wine category.

“Consumers are choosing brands based on trust and value, and today value is so much more than price; it includes the wine’s quality, brand reputation and sustainability factors. We’re fortunate to have a fantastic portfolio of Australian wines that meet these criteria, coupled with a strong network of retail partners that understand and appreciate the value these brands can bring to the category.”