Carlsberg Group has started a consumer trial scheme for its new fibre bottle. The sampling initiative involves 8,000 bottles in 8 countries, including the UK. The bottle also contains beer brewed with “organic and regenerative barley”, the company said. 

The fibre bottle includes a plant-based PEF polymer lining, which has been developed by Carlsberg’s partner Avantium. The brewer said PEF is made entirely from natural raw materials, is compatible with plastic recycling systems, and can degrade into nature.

“Beyond its sustainable packaging benefits, PEF functions as a highly effective barrier between the beer and the fibre outer shell, protecting the taste and fizziness of the beer better than conventional fossil-fuel-based PET plastic,” Carlsberg said.

The outer shell of the bottle, produced by packaging company Paboco, consists of sustainably-sourced wood fibre and is also bio-based.

Stephane Munch, VP group development at Carlsberg, said: “Identifying and producing PEF, as a competent functional barrier for beer, has been one of our greatest challenges – so getting good test results, collaborating with suppliers and seeing the bottles being filled on the line is a great achievement.” 

The bottle is 100% bio-based apart from the cap. The brewer and its partners are exploring alternative fibre-based bottle caps, with a generic solution expected in 2023.