Carlsberg is set to revitalise its flagship brand starting with the relaunch of Carlsberg Export next February and a £15m spend aimed at attracting millennial drinkers.

The brand will be given a new look to reflect its Danish heritage and to reinforce its premium credentials. The new design has been influenced by the iconic cross from the Danish flag, along with the signature of founder JC Jacobsen, and the word ‘KobenHavn’, Danish for Copenhagen.

A range of bottle and can formats will be available with this new look, along with a new premium 33cl and 66cl-sized bottles.

The premiumisation of the Carlsberg brand will continue into early summer 2017, when limited edition packaging will be launched for the Carlsberg 3.8% abv beer and the bottle increased to a 33cl size.

The activity is aimed at confronting the long-term decline seen in the lager category by engaging with the millennial consumer group, which is the group identified as being the most influential and responsible for driving key trends.

Liam Newton, vice president of marketing, Carlsberg UK, said: “The fundamental reason for the decline in the beer category is the fact the biggest segments – standard and premium lager – are losing relevance with millennial consumers.

“In our eyes, the dramatic change in the UK beer market requires bold action, and an even bolder approach, and this lies at the heart of our revitalisation of Carlsberg.

“Standard and premium lagers recruit new drinkers, and if consumers don’t enter through these segments, it is unlikely they will move into world and craft. This means brands like Carlsberg and premium beers like Carlsberg Export remain vital to the long-term health of the entire beer category.”

The relaunch of the Carlsberg brand will be supported by a £15m campaign incorporating media and integrated consumer activity. The campaign will celebrate the brand’s Danish heritage and is designed to tap into consumer demand for authenticity and the trend towards premiumisation in the beer category.

“By reminding people of where Carlsberg comes from and adopting some of the positive attributes from the people of Denmark, we believe we will have a powerful platform from which to connect with millennials in a meaningful way,” said Newton.

Over the past five years the number of consumers drinking standard lager has fallen by 1.1m and the number drinking premium lager has dropped by 430,000 (Kantar Alcovision, June 2016).