Bibendum PLB has added two new agencies from Canada to its portfolio.

Independent retailers can buy wines from Stratus Vineyards in the Niagara Peninsula and Southern Ontario-based Norman Hardie via the agency’s Walker & Wodehouse subsidiary from March 1.

Paul Meihuizen, buyer for Bibendum PLB, said: “Canada is a new and exciting addition for Bibendum and we wanted to make sure that we found something that truly reflects the quality that is being produced in this part of the world. 

“With both Stratus and Norman Hardie we have uncovered something special that we believe is going to appeal to our customers. We have found some sensational wines that are benefitting from Canada’s cool climate and quality winemaking.”

Stratus is said to be one of Canada’s most modern wineries and is almost entirely gravity-fed, with no pumps. Walker & Wodehouse will carry the Signature Stratus White Blend, the Cabernet Franc, the Charles Baker Riesling and the winery’s first ever Riesling ice wine.

Norman Hardie is based in Ontario, with vineyards in Prince Edward County and Niagara, and Bibendum PLB said it has the potential to produce some of the finest cool-climate wines in the New World.

The winery’s eponymous owner, known as Norm, started life as a sommelier, before changing career to make wine around the world, winning awards in the process.

He said: “Wherever our wines are sold, our importer is always the face of the wines, this is of the upmost importance, and we have full confidence that Bibendum PLB will be an excellent ambassador of our wines in the UK.”

The Norman Hardie Chardonnay and Pinot Noir will be available from Bibendum.

Charles Baker, sales and marketing director for Stratus, said: “Bibendum PLB has the reputation, agility, and quality service to make sure wine consumers interested in emerging wine regions will have immediate access to our wines from the Niagara Peninsula. That such an esteemed company has endorsed Stratus by selection speaks volumes to their vision as well to the quality we deliver as winemakers.”