A collection of spirits from Vancouver’s first micro-distillery has been launched into the UK market, and the company has already secured several distribution agreements.

Long Table was set up in 2013 by head distiller Charles Tremewen, who was inspired by the diversity of British Columbia’s wilderness and the unique botanicals found on Canada’s West Coast. 

Tremewen told DRN: “I have a background as a park ranger and I also worked in the organic food industry, so I have worked with a lot of what British Columbia had to offer. When people think of this part of Canada they think of pristine water, mountains and alpine botanicals; all of these thing are really where gin comes from. It’s all about foraged, local and natural ingredients to create a genuine Canadian spirit.”

Long Table has two gins, one of which is a London Dry style and is therefore more juniper forward, and the other – Cucumber Gin – is described as a “western-style gin”, which has less juniper and more focus on other botanicals, including seasonally sourced British Columbia farm-fresh cucumbers.

The producer has also launched Texada Vodka, which is copper pot distilled with lemon grass; and Langbord Aquavit, into the UK. The latter is made from six botanicals including caraway, fennel, anise and orange peel. 

Tremewen added: “The Brits love gin and they are also exploring new opportunities in gin, so it’s a terrific market for us be in and I am thrilled with the response since we launched into the UK this month. 

“We had come to a point where we knew we had to scale up rapidly and so our move into new markets, such as the UK, coincides with our expansion plans. We are moving to a new larger location next year to help expand our capacity, and it will also be more customer focused with an education centre and tasting area.”

Long Table, which is imported into the UK by JBE Imports, has now secured UK distribution agreements with Speciality Drinks and Master of Malt, to help target independent and online retailers and the on-trade. 

The distillery also produces limited edition gins and spirits for retailers looking to rotate their offer on a regular basis, and the team hope to explore rum production once the company has moved into the new facility.