Camus Cognac has arrived in Barbados, concluding its 45-day journey across the globe as part of an approach that explores the effects of seafaring on the ageing process.

Camus, one of the largest family-owned Cognac producers in the world, decided to transport barrels of its finest liquid to Barbados in a classic tall ship using only the power of wind. The barrels left La Rochelle, France on November 22, 2018 and arrived in Barbados last week.

The oceanic voyage exposed the Cognac to a lengthier maturation as well as environmental factors, which will have influenced the way the liquid matured. The ship’s motion continuously shook and stirred the Cognac inside the barrel.

The Cognac has now been entrusted to Richard Seale, head of Foursquare Distillery, who, in partnership with Camus, will oversee a further year of maturation on the island.

Jean-Dominique Andreu, Camus’ chief marketing officer, said: “Since the tall ship De Gallant departed from the port of La Rochelle on November 23 with our 10 sealed barrels of Camus cognac on board, the expedition has had its ups and downs, but there have been some really good times, and it has ended right on schedule, arriving on 10th January in Bridgetown.”

Richard Seale, director of Foursquare Rum Distillery, said: “We are proud that the illustrious Cognac House of Camus asked us to join in this great experience. Of course, patience is paramount in our profession, but I can’t wait to taste the result in a year and a half’s time.”

The one-off experimental series, Camus Caribbean Expedition, will be limited to up to 5,000 bottles, and will be released to selected retailers in 2020.