Campari UK has taken over the distribution of super-premium Agricole brand Trois Rivieres.

The brand will join others in the Campari Prestige portfolio including Appleton Estate, Wild Turkey and Grand Marnier.

Campari UK will distribute all SKUs currently available in the UK market: Trois Rivieres Blanc, Cuvee de l’Ocean, Ambrew, Cuvee du Moulin, VSOP Reserve Speciale and 12-Year-Old.

Trois Rivieres Agricole rhum is described as “an exceptional vintage rum with an innovative spirit that embodies excellence and the Caribbean way of life”.

The prestigious rums are the product of AOC (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée), a Protected Designation of Origin classification that certifies their superior quality based on strict regulation of production methods, terroir and artisanal techniques. Rhums from Martinique are the only rums in the world with AOC status.

Agricole rhum is made by distilling pure, fresh, fermented cane juice. Produced mainly in the French West Indies, Martinique and Guadeloupe, agricole rhum is a high-quality rum, well-known and appreciated for its specific aromas and flavours due to its long and established method of production.

Campari UK’s Managing Director Brad Madigan said: “With a rich legacy and history Trois Rivières premium agricole rhum has been recognised worldwide for its extraordinary quality and elegance. Trois Rivières is an exciting addition to the growing Campari UK Prestige portfolio.

As a prestigious, high-quality rhum brand, Trois Rivières is a brilliant addition to our established Prestige Portfolio brands such as Wild Turkey, Appleton Estate and Grand Marnier, further diversifying the Campari UK offering. I would like to thank the team at Speciality Brands for their commitment in establishing Trois Rivières in the UK market. We are very much looking forward to building on Speciality’s great work and introducing more consumers to the wonder of Trois Rivières.”