Campari has announced the launch of the Campari Art Pack, which is designed to enhance its long-standing commitment to the arts and creativity.

The pack includes a 70cl bottle of Campari accompanied by a limited-edition poster by avant-garde artist, Fortunato Depero. It comes in a collectable canister.

The Art Park encourages consumers to “embrace their creative side” with recipes for two cocktails: Campari Gin & Tonic and the classic Negroni. The product taps into growing consumer demand for easy-to-create cocktails at home.

The pack was initially launched into Waitrose stores, with plans to rolls out to selected Sainsbury’s and Tesco stores nationwide this Autumn. Campari UK said it hopes to help retailers drive sales by creating “premium appeal” around the Campari Art Park, which it said offers a “vibrant presence” in stores.

Nick Williamson, marketing director, Campari UK said: “We are delighted to have been granted special permission to use artwork by an artist as renowned and central to Campari’s history as Fortunato Depero for these limited-edition Campari Art Packs.

“We’ve seen consumers seeking more complex and bitter drinks – a desire met by Campari’s unique attributes – and with our eye-catching Art Pack, we look forward to introducing Campari to a new and growing audience.

“Available in selected stores, this product will be unlike anything else on the shelves, bringing a vibrancy that is synonymous with the Campari brand and offering a covetable collectible for consumers.”